Saturday, July 15, 2017

Lost River Museum - Mackay, Idaho - 6/26/2017

For our yearly "GIRLS" get-together, with my high school friends, one of the places we chose to visit was the Lost River Museum in Mackay, Idaho.  This museum is seriously one of the best of the best!  There is so much history, on every level, in this little hometown museum.  It's grand opening was on May 27, 2017.  The visit to this museum is free but they gladly accept donations so please, donate generously!
There is so much to see that when I went back a week or so later with my daughter and husband, I couldn't believe all I saw that trip as opposed to the first trip. 
I couldn't even begin to explain about everything that is in this museum so as some might say..................."A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!"  So with that being said, enjoy your photo tour through the museum but if you ever get the opportunity to visit this little museum (open on weekends and holidays) personally, you will not be disappointed.
This is a photo of the previous museum.  What a blessing it was for the newer building!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Marsha!!

Wow, what a difference! I remember the old museum...I loved it! I am going to come to Mackay to see this new museum, for sure! What great photos!! Looks like they really have a great display of everything.


LeAnn said...

Oh, I will hope to be able to visit this museum sometime. I loved it. I especially liked the period clothing. Actually, I know that I would spend a long time looking at everything and there is a lot for a small town museum. Thanks for sharing; it was fun! Blessings and hugs~

Anonymous said...

Wow the new place is a lot bigger than the old one. I liked the old one so will really Enjoy the new one on my next visit...Max

Lura Parsons said...

The Mackay Museum is amazing!! The pictures are amazing!! Thanks greatly, Marsha!!