Sunday, April 30, 2017

Easter 2017

Ok, have you ever heard the old saying...."The Further I Go, The Behinder I Get?"  Or, "The Hurrier I Go, The Behinder I Get."  Whatever, however you say it, that is how I feel when blogging.  I'm always behind on my blogging and then at other times, I have absolutely nothing to blog about.  Hmmmm.
Well today for my "The Behinder I Get" part, I'm finally getting around to blogging about Easter.  Easter was such a joy for me this year.  My daughter, her husband, and my little grandson came to our home.  Holidays are just the best when you have little ones around.  I know, we need to think about the true meaning of certain holidays but when the littles are around, I think I am just as excited about the holiday part of the holiday as they are. my little!
To start off, on Saturday, April 15th, we headed to our park where all the children are turned loose to go hunt their area for eggs.  REAL EGGS!  There are some eggs, however that are marked with money amounts that they trade in later and there are a few plastic eggs with prizes in them.  The standing and waiting for the hunt to begin isn't easy.....these little people are ready for the hunt!
We laughed at this one as my little grandson put his bunny basket over his head and my daughter made the comment that it looked like a feed bag.
It's hard to tell in this photo, but there are actually a lot of littles amongst the crowd of grownups.
Finally, the gates were opened and all the littles were let loose to get their eggs.  My grandsons only instructions were that he was the bread winner for the day and he needed to get enough eggs to take home so we could make egg salad sandwiches for lunch. - Ha! 
And where but in a little small, rural town, do you hunt Easter eggs, avoiding holes in the ground made by critters?............too funny!
My little found a prize egg - woot, woot!
After the hunt was over, we went over to a picnic table so he could sit down and open his prize egg.  There was a balloon and a sticker inside.
This Easter morning, happened to be a Stake Conference Sunday.  But since we got up early, we were able to spend time doing the "Easter Bunny" before going to church.  Since the Easter Bunny just happened to be a mixture of mom & dad, grandpa & grandma, and auntie Max, our little grandson had a great Easter.
And he was so excited to get auntie Max's gift.  He was excited and could hardly sit still so the picture was anything but focused.  He loves cars...........ANYTHING CARS!  His auntie Max gift was a Hot Wheels race case.
After going through a few of his Easter gifts....... 
He was ready to hunt the house for eggs.  Each egg had a piece of candy in it.  He had so much fun.  But come on, really, who do you think was having the most little grandson, or the grown-ups?
After all was said and done, we headed off to Stake Conference.  The Easter Bunny gave my little grandson enough books that they kept him entertained the entire time.  He was such a good boy! 
We did happen to get a picture of him in his new Easter outfit after we returned home from church.
The saddest part about Easter was watching the tail lights going down the road as part of my little family were headed back to their home.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Wasn't March 20th Technically Spring?

On Tuesday, April 25th, we went from this:
To this......two days later.  Snow and cold....Buuurrrrrrrr!  Come on Spring, let's get technical.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Garden Beginning - Tilling - 4.25.17

An so it begins.................our garden gets underway. 
Then around the middle of July, it looks similar to this:
And the first week of August...this:
Then by September, it's full-blown, finishing up the harvest and wrapping everything thing up.......


Saturday, April 15, 2017

Easter Eve Morning Moon

Easter Eve......I guess that is what you would call it.....the day before Easter.  But whatever the day is called, it is pretty cold outside, 21 degrees at 7:20am.  As I stood out on the back porch of our home watching my husband starting up the tractor to go out and fertilize the fields, I noticed the moon peeking through the branches of our crab apple tree.  So pretty.
On Wednesday night as I was turning off the lights to go to bed, I noticed a little glow in the dining room.  When I looked out the window, the moon was so big and bright.
It would be nice to have a camera where I could get some great moon photos.  Although I like seeing the moon and it's not often that I see a moon that is spectacular, I guess I can live without the expensive camera, right?!
According to three weather reports, today is supposed to warm up to at least 36 degrees by noon.  Noon is the magical time on this is the time when my little grandson will be here hunting eggs at our local tourist park.  He turned three in January so I think he will really have fun hunting eggs this year.  Hunting eggs in our little town is the greatest.....there is no shortage of eggs.....each child walks away with a basket full.  F.U.N. for the kids, parents, and GRANDPARENTS.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Pineapple Casserole

IT'S A KEEPER.............  This past Tuesday, I stumbled across this recipe for pineapple casserole.
My thoughts were that this would probably go really good with a ham steak we had in the freezer.  My thoughts were right, we had this casserole tonight with the ham steak and green beans on the side. 
I didn't think quick enough to get a picture of my plate serving before devouring it so you get second best......a serving all by itself on a plate. 
This recipe would really go good with your Easter meal.  Really, try's good!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Loving and Lifting Others - May 2017 Relief Society Handout

At the beginning of each month, a member of the Relief Society Presidency is directed to give the lesson in Relief Society.  For the first week in May, it is my turn to decide which lesson I will give.  At this moment, and I say that, because it has happened before where I was totally prepared to give a lesson and at the last minute, I was inspired to teach something else on a totally different subject.  So once again, I this moment, my plans are to give my lesson on Loving and Lifting Others. 
My thoughts on giving this lesson at this time revolved around Easter and Mothers Day.  Since this lesson falls between those two events, I thought, who better to guide and show us how to love and lift others, than the teachings of Jesus Christ and our mothers.
Along with my lessons, I like to make a handout.  For me, a handout helps me to visualize the lesson and to bring back to mind the topic that was presented and discussed.  So, with the thought of loving and lifting others, this is the handout I created, using Google free images
It is not enough to just love someone, but we must serve them....not just in word or in feeling, but in deed.  To love is to lift.  By serving others, we gain a stronger love for that person.
Please take a moment to read the message of Loving and Lifting Others, by clicking on those words, highlighted in red, above.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

March Entryway Desk Decorations

Can you believe's A.P.R.I.L.  I hope life slows down here pretty soon cause every time I look in the mirror, my reflection tells me how fast it is passing by. 
So, back to March for just a minute.  I was just getting ready to change out my decorations for our entryway desk when I realized I had taken pictures of my March decorations but hadn't posted them.  I changed out the decoration in the right-hand-corner several times before finally deciding on my potted, African Violet.
Ok, I come....let's get to decorating!