Wednesday, July 5, 2017

High Water - High Sub - Flooding in Lost River Valley

This Spring/Summer has really put our little valley in a position we haven't been in for years.  For several years, we haven't had enough water/snow/rain, to provide everyone with enough water for their crops or other necessities.  There was constant degrees of frustration between each little town in how to handle the shortage of water.
This year has been a different story.  We had a long, cold winter, filled with large amounts of snow, resulting in TOO much water.  There has been flooding due to not only high waters, but along with all the water and the ground not being able to absorb it all, we've been having to deal with sub water, which isn't something you can control with sandbagging. 
Some homes in our little valley have been flooded.  The LDS Leslie Ward building is having major problems with the high water and sub, causing them the need to share our ward building until things can be fixed.  So far, they have been using our building for the past three weeks and there is no definite time as to when they will be able to go back to their own church house.
Yes, our little valley desperately needed the water but no......NOT TO THIS EXTENT!  One positive thing I can see that all this water has created is a closeness, a closeness between all the little surrounding towns....all joining together to help wherever they can.
Photos taken on June 5th....water gushing out of the discharge pipes below the Mackay Reservoir Dam.
Photos taken on June 8th...Road crews putting up cement barricades to block water from re-flooding the road in the Leslie area.
Photos taken on June 10th...high waters far exceeding river banks.
......water going over spillway at the Mackay Reservoir.
......a look from on top of the Mackay Reservoir Dam.

.....a very high reservoir with a high water, boat launching dock.
......and finally, high sub water on our property, just down the lane from our home.  Something we haven't seen in years.
This week and for who knows how long, we are expecting high, above average weather temperatures, which I'm praying does not bring on more amounts of high water, as we are not out of the woods, yet!


Anonymous said...

Wowzer that is a lot of water. The one of sub water on your place and the sun hitting the trees makes the trees look like they are on fire. A cool picture....Max

LeAnn said...

Wow, you were really hit with lots of water and struggles. I'm sure there are many lessons learned from these experiences. I am quite certain sharing a building has been interesting.
Wishing the the water will lessen and your home protected and others too!
You too some great photos of this community struggle.
Big Hugs~