Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ducks - One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I took these pictures on March 20th and decided to post them.  It looks like such a calm, peaceful day the way the ducks are just gliding along.  But, truth be known, these ducks were not happy that I was sitting in my car taking their picture.  They were swimming away from me so I’d move my car forward in head of them and then they would swim back to where I started taking pictures so I would back up to where they were, trying to get a good photo.  I went forward and backwards at least three times before I got this shot of both of them together.


As I headed home, I noticed Mt. McCaleb in front of me.  I thought it looked pretty cool, like the mountains were floating on the clouds.



Friday, March 29, 2013

Time Out For Women - 2013

This past weekend, I had the privilege of attending Time Out For Women.  It was a two-day event full of inspirational messages and music, held at the Idaho Falls Civic Auditorium.  I met my sister and my two daughters in Idaho Falls earlier in the day where we had time to eat, do a little shopping and get our hotel room before going to the Friday, evening program.  We stayed at the Le Ritz…..same as last year.  Last year it was a wonderful place to stay but this year we ran into a few difficulties.  They were very accommodating, resulting in a $59 refund – Yeah!  I do have to say, they do have a nice continental breakfast.  All-in-all, it was totally a wonderful weekend.
Picture of our hotel:
Le Ritz.
The theme of the event was “Higher” – reminding everyone attending to THINK HIGHER about our purpose, BELIEVE HIGHER as we face challenges, and LIVE HIGHER as we choose between good, better, and best.
Higher Symbol
Friday Program:  These men were very good speakers and Michael McLean entertained us with his wonderful music.
TOFW Friday Program
Saturday Program:  These speakers were fantastic.  One minute you were crying and the next, laughing…I mean, really laughing.  My favorite speakers were Mariama Kallon and Kris Belcher.  And what a WOW moment to hear Hilary Weeks sing. 
TOFW Sturday Program


The place was totally packed, a sell-out crowd.  The lines were double wide, running down and around many corners.  There is seating on the main floor and in the balcony.  We love sitting in the balcony where you don’t have to look over, around, or in-between heads.



Upon arriving Saturday morning, each lady was given a tote bag to put their items in.  It was a nice tote bag with lots of pockets.
Tote Bag

If you chose to do so, which we did, you could eat lunch there which consisted of a chicken salad sandwich, a pickle spear, bottled water, chips, and a huge mint brownie.  Mmmm-m-m-m! 
And to top it off, if you want to re-live the moments of aweness and laughter, you can purchase a DVD of the program.  Yes indeed, I intend on going to the Desert Book site and ordering the DVD.
Higher DVD
After the program was over Saturday evening, we drove to my oldest daughters home where we sat around and talked, watched a few episodes of Studio C on the BYU channel, and played games.  The next morning, we attended church at my oldest daughters ward.  My youngest daughter and my sister left after Sacrament meeting so they could get on the road for their long drive back to Utah.  After church, we had lunch, talked, and then I headed home.  A Wonderful Weekend!

Friday, March 15, 2013

From Beast to Prince – Wood Revival

I have a bathroom door and a front door to our home that look literally, well…….how do I put it to words – DiSgUsTiNg!  I’ve been thinking about how to make them look presentable without stripping the entire doors and re-varnishing.  LOVE PINTEREST!  I came across this bit of information today on how to make your disgusting wood change from the Beast to a Handsome Prince.  I know, the words seem strong but that is a great comparison as to how this stuff works.  Go HERE and HERE to read all about changing your ruined wood.  After reading the articles, I had to give it a try on my bathroom door that has been ruined over the years with lots of moisture.  So, I went to work mixing 1 part white vinegar to 3 parts oil (I used vegetable oil).  After mixing well, I rubbed a bad area of my door using a clean cloth.  I rubbed the area really good and then buffed it out so it did not have an oily feel to it.  Below is the before (Beast) and after (Handsome Prince) photos of parts of the door I tried this on.  Amazing, right!

IMG_5144     IMG_5147

I decided to go back and do another part of the door and took a picture so you could see one area not yet treated and the area below it that I treated.  I’m so excited to get the entire door done.  Much cheaper than stripping and re-varnishing.  My only concern is that I hope I don’t get a rancid smell from the oil in a few months.  Maybe the vinegar will aid in that.  Excited!


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Is Spring Hiding Just Around The Corner?

Tell me what you think. Is Spring hiding just around the corner and I’m just not seeing it?…Or am I? Look at these pictures and see if you come to the same conclusion I came to. Do I dare get excited about what I think I’m seeing in my tree this morning? Look, look close! It looks like just parts of the tree, but yet…………………


Can you spot the beak, red breast, and tail of a robin? Is the theory of Ground Hog Day looking to be true? It has really been cold this winter with many days below zero and I’m sure looking forward to Spring. Oh please, let that be a Robin!


Friday, March 8, 2013

Easter Bunny Bait

I found a recipe for Easter Bunny Bait on this blog and just knew I had to make some to take to the women I visit teach.  It looks totally yummy and where it contains white chocolate instead of regular chocolate, it will fit the needs of all the women I visit teach.  One of the ladies I visit is basically allergic to regular chocolate so this will be perfect for her.  And, if she reads my blog before I go visiting teaching, she will know what she is getting – Ha!  Right now I’m thinking I will put it in zip-lock baggies and put a topper on the bag.  Just playing around with colors at this stage but I’ve made two bunny bait toppers, one with a purple polka-dot background and one with a green plaid background.  Once again……Hmmmmmm.  Choices?

St. Patrick’s Day - Pinch Proof Polish

I was browsing around Pinterest when I came upon a person who made a tag to put on green fingernail polish that stated: Anti-Pinch Polish.  I loved the idea and thought I would take some to school and let the staff (all women with the exception of the principal…I guess he could use it too.) use it, if needed, to ward off little pinching children fingers.  Instead of Anti-Pinch Polish, I labeled the tag I made “Pinch Proof Polish”.  After making my label, I went to Wal-Mart and purchased some Pure Ice, green fingernail polish.  Sorry kiddies…No Pinches For You!


After looking at the above card, I thought that maybe it needed to have a leprechaun on it so I made another one.  Haven’t decided on which card I will use.  Leprechaun, no leprechaun, hmmmm.


UPDATE:  Agh-h-h-h.....I just looked at the calendar and wouldn't you know it, St. Patrick's Day is on Sunday.  Go figure!