Friday, June 16, 2017

Diamond Dust Handprints

If you look really, really close, you can see what has been on the corner of our television screen since Easter.  It's something I just can't get myself to clean off.
Hmmmm, Ok, using Picasa 3, let me lighten the photo up a bit and you can see what is on my screen that I don't want to clean off.
It's still a bit hard to see, so after lightening it up a bit, I will crop the photo to give you a better view.  Can you see it now?
Yes indeed, those are the handprint smudges of my little, 3-year old grandson.  They in no way affect the picture quality while we are viewing any television programs so I have opted to just clean around these precious, little memories.
It is beyond me what he had on his hands that day but to me, it must have been diamond dust....precious, sticky diamond dust!
I don't know when, or if I will ever get the heart to clean them off.  I don't normally see them every day because they are actually very faint and you hardly notice them unless you are looking for them and when the television is on, you can't see them at all.  It just depends on where you are sitting and the angle you are at for you to notice them.  So for now, when cleaning my television screen, this little corner will just be skipped.
It reminds me of a blog I posted back in 2013, talking about little fingerprints, except in this case, instead of mom, I substituted the word grandma.  Sure love my little grandson!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Lightning Strikes A Bit Too Close For Comfort

Sunday evening, June 25, 2017, we had a whopper of a lightning storm.  Approximately 1/2 mile from our place, our neighbors home was hit, taking out their phone, their washer, burning the side of the house and putting large holes in the sidewalks.  It even put a pretty good-sized chunk of cement on their roof.  I went to their home the next day and took some pictures of the sidewalks not knowing or seeing until today the cement on the roof and the side of the house that got charred. I just drove up today to wish our neighbor a happy birthday and where it was only 1/2 mile away, I did not take my camera, so I don't have pictures of the cement on the roof or the charred house.  In the first picture below, look how far away from the sidewalk that huge hunk of cement was thrown by the lightning.  All I'm saying is......this was a little bit too close for comfort.................

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Teton Mountains Sunrise

Back in March, March 29, 2017, to be exact, in the wee early morning, I was heading across the desert towards Rigby, Idaho, to go help my daughter.  It was right before the Howe, Idaho turnoff that I noticed one of the most spectacular views that I have seen in a long time.  We're talking about a scene that was at least 150 miles away (rough estimate....... according to Google Maps that states that the driving distance between Arco, ID and Teton Village, WY is 157 miles ).  Since I was at the Howe turnoff, I took off a few miles that I guestimated it took to get from Arco to the turnoff.
It was a total awe moment, really.  I've seen the Tetons before, but not silhouetted by a beautiful sunrise.  I also took the time to say a silent prayer to my Heavenly Father, thanking Him for letting me witness one of his beautiful creations.  I tried to zoom in and take pictures from different angles but due to the distance and the semi-darkness of the morning, there is no justice in my photos.  I'm afraid you'll have to use your minds-eye to vision how spectacular this moment really was!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

June 2017 Visiting Teaching Handout - Priesthood Power

For the month of June, the visiting teaching message is about Priesthood Power.  I can't even begin to tell you the number of times we have used the Power of the Priesthood in our home.  And, once again, I can't even begin to tell you the number of blessings we have received through using the Power of the Priesthood.  I feel so blessed to have the knowledge of the Priesthood and what it can do for us.
To view the entire June Visiting Teaching Message, go HERE.
Below is the quote I chose to use from the visiting teaching message, in making my handout for the month.  What a powerful statement from Elder Andersen, informing that each and every one of us can be blessed by the Priesthood, every hour, whatever our circumstance.

Monday, May 1, 2017

May 2017 Visiting Teaching Handout/Poster

For the month of May, the visiting teaching message is a message given from one of the talks given at General Conference.  It is difficult for me to choose what handout/poster I want to make because there are so many talks given and each one is as equally good as the other.  At first, I chose a quote given by Bonnie H. Cordon, First Counselor in the Primary General Presidency, from her General Women's session talk titled: Trust in the Lord and Lean Not. 
This was such a good talk and in that same talk, and in the same paragraph, she stated this:
As I was reading more talks, I read the talk given by Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, where he stated this from his talk: Songs Sung and Unsung
If you haven't already done so, go and read these two talks, as well as the other talks given from General Conference
I testify to you that anything you read from the site is true.  I believe this with all my heart.

Easter Horseshoe Tree and Desk Decorations

I figured since I posted a blog yesterday all about our family Easter, I was now on a roll and would finish up Easter by posting today about my Easter decorations. 
As many of you who follow me know that for each holiday I decorate a horseshoe tree that I purchased in December of 2015.  My intent was to only decorate it for Christmas but it has turned out to be a Holiday purchase.  I now decorate it for every holiday and I also decorate the desk it sits on.  It has turned into a fun adventure for me trying to find things to decorate my entry desk  with for each Holiday, using the horseshoe tree as my main centerpiece.
I did use the same egg ornaments to decorate my tree this year that I used last year.
 But, the desk decorations have many more things added.  And, most of them have a story behind them.
Just for fun, I put my camera on a color accent feature and the following picture is the result.  It was a feature that I've not used before but it will probably be one I will use more often.
First I will show the basic new items that were purchased from Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart. The green bunnies were purchased at Hobby Lobby for St. Patrick's Day and I decided to use them for Easter too.  Also purchased from Hobby Lobby was the bunny standing by the egg tree, the carrots, and the spotted eggs laying around the top of the desk.  The egg tree was a Wal-Mart purchase.
The tall bunny that stands in the corner by the desk is a looong ago, garage sale purchase.  It was pretty shabby so when I got it home,  I gave it a good cleaning and a lot of paint touch ups.  I also added the orange bow around his neck and greenery and eggs to the basket he is holding in his arms.
Now this little bunny that is standing on the desk was painted by me back in 1995.  He came up missing in 1998..........quite the story behind this little bunny.  Anyways, he is now back in my possession as of August of 2016, 18 years later.  He's such a cute bunny and I'm glad to have him back! 
And last of all, I have my sugar egg.  If my memory is correct, I purchased, or someone purchased this egg before I got married so I'm figuring this egg is at least 40 years old.  It is in mint condition and still has the plastic covering that it had when it was purchased and there is little fawn laying on the inside.  It was handmade by Kencraft Inc., from American Fork, Utah.  I still have the original box it came in with a $2.95 price sticker still attached. I looked up the Kencraft Inc. company on the internet and to my surprise, they are still in business, and have been ever since 1969. 

Just for curiosity, I called the company and asked if they still sell sugar eggs.  I was informed that they do and for a 6oz. egg like mine, it would cost between $11 - $12.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Easter 2017

Ok, have you ever heard the old saying...."The Further I Go, The Behinder I Get?"  Or, "The Hurrier I Go, The Behinder I Get."  Whatever, however you say it, that is how I feel when blogging.  I'm always behind on my blogging and then at other times, I have absolutely nothing to blog about.  Hmmmm.
Well today for my "The Behinder I Get" part, I'm finally getting around to blogging about Easter.  Easter was such a joy for me this year.  My daughter, her husband, and my little grandson came to our home.  Holidays are just the best when you have little ones around.  I know, we need to think about the true meaning of certain holidays but when the littles are around, I think I am just as excited about the holiday part of the holiday as they are. my little!
To start off, on Saturday, April 15th, we headed to our park where all the children are turned loose to go hunt their area for eggs.  REAL EGGS!  There are some eggs, however that are marked with money amounts that they trade in later and there are a few plastic eggs with prizes in them.  The standing and waiting for the hunt to begin isn't easy.....these little people are ready for the hunt!
We laughed at this one as my little grandson put his bunny basket over his head and my daughter made the comment that it looked like a feed bag.
It's hard to tell in this photo, but there are actually a lot of littles amongst the crowd of grownups.
Finally, the gates were opened and all the littles were let loose to get their eggs.  My grandsons only instructions were that he was the bread winner for the day and he needed to get enough eggs to take home so we could make egg salad sandwiches for lunch. - Ha! 
And where but in a little small, rural town, do you hunt Easter eggs, avoiding holes in the ground made by critters?............too funny!
My little found a prize egg - woot, woot!
After the hunt was over, we went over to a picnic table so he could sit down and open his prize egg.  There was a balloon and a sticker inside.
This Easter morning, happened to be a Stake Conference Sunday.  But since we got up early, we were able to spend time doing the "Easter Bunny" before going to church.  Since the Easter Bunny just happened to be a mixture of mom & dad, grandpa & grandma, and auntie Max, our little grandson had a great Easter.
And he was so excited to get auntie Max's gift.  He was excited and could hardly sit still so the picture was anything but focused.  He loves cars...........ANYTHING CARS!  His auntie Max gift was a Hot Wheels race case.
After going through a few of his Easter gifts....... 
He was ready to hunt the house for eggs.  Each egg had a piece of candy in it.  He had so much fun.  But come on, really, who do you think was having the most little grandson, or the grown-ups?
After all was said and done, we headed off to Stake Conference.  The Easter Bunny gave my little grandson enough books that they kept him entertained the entire time.  He was such a good boy! 
We did happen to get a picture of him in his new Easter outfit after we returned home from church.
The saddest part about Easter was watching the tail lights going down the road as part of my little family were headed back to their home.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Wasn't March 20th Technically Spring?

On Tuesday, April 25th, we went from this:
To this......two days later.  Snow and cold....Buuurrrrrrrr!  Come on Spring, let's get technical.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Garden Beginning - Tilling - 4.25.17

An so it begins.................our garden gets underway. 
Then around the middle of July, it looks similar to this:
And the first week of August...this:
Then by September, it's full-blown, finishing up the harvest and wrapping everything thing up.......