Tuesday, July 11, 2017

My Trip To Boise Idaho

At the first part of May, 2017, I traveled to Boise to be with a friend who needed my help.  She is a "Diamond" (I think it was diamond) member of the Homewood Suites so that is where we stayed.  Upon arriving at the hotel and walking in the front doors, my eyes beheld this: 
They even have a "Man Cave"...so-to-speak.  Anyways, that is what my friend called it.
They also provide a workout room, a place for laundry and a swimming pool.  This is actually the nicest hotel I've ever stayed in.  I don't know if it was because she was a diamond member, or what, but the staff was fabulous and it was royal treatment all the way! 
Each day, our breakfast and dinner meals were provided in the dining area....or, if we chose to do so, we could take the meals to our rooms and eat.
I stayed on the third floor in room 334.....very nice room.
When I first walked into my room....or should I say, living quarters, my friend greeted me with fresh flowers on the table...
and another table stocked with all kinds of goodies.  I think I over-dosed on the Ding Dongs....love those!  I don't drink Coke, but the water was great.  I didn't get a picture, but the fridge and freezer was also stocked.
It was during my spare time in the evenings, sitting in this chair, that I learned to love HGTV!  I don't have cable or dish at home and watching all the home make-overs and searches for new homes was so enjoyable for me.  Who knew you could sit for such lengths of time watching someone get excited about remodeling or having someone else find a home for others....I didn't!  But, back to the chair.  Oh, Heaven!  When I first sat on this chair it was like "Plump"...I just sat on the hardest cushion.  But then, it slowly sank into something so comfortable.  I so wanted to ask the hotel if I could buy this chair.....REALLY....most comfortable chair, EVER!
My bedroom was huge.....with all the necessities needed except for a bathroom, which was just across from the bedroom.
And this next photo I had to throw in just to remember that sometimes I consider myself a real duh.  As I was riding the elevator up to my room and thinking/knowing I was alone, I happened to look up.  At seeing another person, it was a quick reaction (duh moment) and I took in a startled breath.  But in my defense, it only took me a moment to realize that there were mirrors on the ceiling of the elevator and it was "ME" that I saw.  I know, I know.....BIG DUH MOMENT!
After being in Boise almost a week, it was time to go home.  Just a few sights along the way....


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fantastic place to be pampered for a week. The drive looked pretty too...Max

LeAnn said...

Wow, it looks like you had a fantastic place to stay. I would have enjoyed th emoments on this one. Thanks for sahring the thoughts on the place and the photos of your journey. Blessings and hugs!