Thursday, April 14, 2016

LED Diamond Water Droplets

I noticed when I looked out my windows this morning that it had rained a bit.  When I looked at the fence, it was so pretty… looked like little diamond jewels were hanging from each level of wire on the fence.  Of course the camera didn’t capture the beauty as I saw it, but each water droplet reflected the sun so brightly that it also looked like little LED lights were strung along the fence.IMG_2589


As I turned to head back into the house, the view of the hills and mountain being topped with a mist of low-lying clouds was so beautiful.  YES….a beautiful, crisp, filled with God’s wonders, DAY!



Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Fresh Baked Bread and a Field of Deer

Lately I've gotten a little behind in making bread so I got busy and made three loaves this week.  There is no comparison in taste between homemade bread and store bought bread.............. and.......this is a BIG AND.....there are no preservatives or artificial flavorings in homemade bread.
Looks like I will be making more bread tomorrow because I just gave away this loaf.

While making bread or anytime I am working in the kitchen, I am always looking out the windows to see what I will see for the day.  Today, it was deer.......37 to be exact.  My windows were pretty grungy from the rain so I thought it would be best to go outside and get some video footage.  It didn't take the deer long to realize I was standing there, and off they went.

April Horseshoe Tree & Rain Drive

For the month of April, I decided to decorate my horseshoe tree with a rain cloud and raindrops.  You know the saying - April Showers Bring May....................  Very basic, but it was a good fit for the month.  For the cloud, I cut a cloud shape out of blue foam then shaded it with dark grey and white acrylic paints to resemble a rain cloud.  I was going to make raindrops out of the same foam but then I found these cute little faceted blue tear drops on E-bay and decided they would look much better than foam drops.
And to fit right in the theme of things, I thought it would be fun to add a little video I took of it raining yesterday as I was out driving.  The rain came down pretty good but did not last very long.  As you can see in the video, there were blue skies ahead and the video stopped as soon as the rain stopped.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Barrow's Golden Eye Ducks & Canadian Geese

On Monday, I went to town to visit with a lady while her husband traveled to Arco.  We had a nice visit and after leaving, I decided to travel to the mine hill bridge to see if there was anything of interest.  I did see a Barrow's Golden Eye duck and his mate swimming in the river.  That day we received a bit of rain but the ducks didn't seem to mind that it was raining on their parade.

On Tuesday morning, I looked out the window on our front door and saw a couple of Canadian Geese walking around on the property across from our home.  I know I've stated this like umpteen million times, but I really do love where I live, getting to witness all of God's beautiful creatures/creations right within the boundaries of or not more than a few miles from our home.

Crocheted Easter Bunny

I saw the cutest, crochet pattern for a Little Bigfoot Bunny on the internet and decided that I wanted to make one for my grandson for Easter.  Thinking Easter, I wanted it to be a pastel color.  While looking over my sparse supply of yarn, I decided upon using a multi-pastel color.  I had very little yarn of this color but I decided to take my chances because I actually didn’t have any other color that I thought would look like Easter colors.  And yes, I cut it very close….I only had this much yarn left and still had one more ear to make.


Whew…….I just barely made it.  This is how he looked after getting him all pinned down, ready to sew all his parts together.


At first, I made the toes on his feet using black yarn but I thought it looked to harsh so I sewed the other foot using blue yarn.


I decided to use the blue yarn…..but then, the decision….do I sew him together standing, or sitting.  I actually liked him better sitting but I went with him standing because I thought he would be easier to cuddle and love.  I also pinched his ears before sewing them on so they wouldn’t be so wide across the top of his head.

IMG_2426  IMG_2427

I made a computerized face on one of the pictures so I could visualize how I wanted to sew his face.


Needless to say, my bunny face did not turn out like I had wanted but I didn’t have time to change it.  I will borrow it back another day and re-do his nose and mouth. 
My crochet adventures are always pushing me down to the last minutes, crocheting madly!


For his little bunny tail, I wrapped yarn around my finger numerous times, tied it in the center, cut all the loops, and then finished it off with cutting the loops and giving it a nice trim.

IMG_20160330_192032902  IMG_20160330_192045814

My friend also made the most darling little tie and bow tie that he could wear, but I didn’t get a picture with it. 
Who knows, through all my trials and errors and watching Youtube to see how to crochet, I might just be able to crochet a more advanced pattern, some day!  I do enjoy crocheting, especially when making things for others.  I’ve crocheted a few baby blankets, lots of baby booties, Elmo and this bunny…….  I think I will venture out and try to do a more difficult pattern…or come to think of it……I could finish a baby blanket I started (ahem) a few years back that stumped me when trying to do the finishing edges.


Baby Blanket.jpg123