Monday, April 28, 2014

Black Bean Brownie Cake

I found a recipe on this blog for Black Bean Blender Brownies…. (Gluten Free).  I thought they sounded so good and she claimed that you could not tell they were made with black beans so I gave them a try.  I did not use gluten flour but regular flour and they turned out great.  And she was right…..not even a hint of bean flavor comes out in these.  I doubled the batch and used a cake pan and mine did not turn out like brownies, but more like a cake texture.  Who knows, where doubling the recipe I could have put in a little bit more of this or a little bit less of that.  Whatever the reason, it was delicious!

IMG_8426  IMG_8427

Topped of with a glass of milk and MMMMMMmmmmmmmm!



Black Bean Brownie Cake

Sayers Deer Herd

That’s what everyone calls all the deer around our home.  We have at least 20 deer around our home, every day.  It’s to the point you can tell who are local people and who aren’t while traveling the road past our home because the local people know to slow down because you never know when a deer will be crossing the road.  For the others…well,  you don’t here them slowing down but we do hear an occasional crash.  Deer can do a lot of damage to a vehicle. 


They also bed down right next to the fence by our home.


They seem to enjoy coming on our yard……….I guess the grass is always sweeter on the other side of the fence.



They also leave lots and lots of this…………we’re talking well over a hundred piles on our yard.


But, all those piles leave a little green…so to speak….oasis all over the yard.


Now, if I could just get them trained to scatter their own piles around the yard, our entire place would look beautiful.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Sliced Strawberries With Vanilla Yogurt

Until last week, I had never tasted sliced strawberries topped with yogurt.  I spend the past two weeks in Utah and my sister had a big bowl of sliced strawberries.


I took a lot of those sliced strawberries and put them in a smaller cereal bowl.


From there, I was informed that you smother the strawberries with a large helping of vanilla yogurt.


And that’s it………………….now all there was left to do was eat it and savor the flavor.


If you are like me and have never tried eating sliced strawberries with vanilla yogurt, give it a try.  This tastes as good as any dessert out there.  I raved about it so much that my other sister bought some more strawberries and yogurt for me.  Besides eating it just to eat it, I also had it several times for breakfast.  Do yourself a favor and give this yumminess a try!