Thursday, June 27, 2013

4-Wheeling Up Pass Creek Canyon

My sister and her husband came for a visit and our plans were to go 4-wheeling.  On Friday, June 21st, I thought I’d better start my 4-wheeler to make sure it would run since we were planning on going 4-wheeling on Saturday.  We started up the 4-wheelers and went riding around our property.  My 4-wheeler just didn’t want to run and almost every time I stopped it would die unless I kept pushing the throttle and giving it a little gas.


I called the repair station in Arco to see if they had time to get my 4-wheeler in to check it out since we would be riding the next day.  They said they were quite busy and didn’t think they could fit me into their schedule but to try adding a couple of additives to the gas tank and see if it would make a difference.  If not, give them a call back and they would see what they could do.  After riding around for quite awhile, my 4-wheeler was still giving me fits so I called them back and they said one of their mechanics was headed within 5 miles of my place and they would stop in and check it out.  When he arrived, he turned on the key, flipped the choke, and walla………… wheeler was running great.  HOW EMBARRASSING – when I had started my wheeler earlier that day, I didn’t push the choke all the way back to it’s normal position, causing my wheeler not to run correctly.  Embarrassing, but hey, tomorrow we would be off having fun.

My daughter and her husband came up Friday night to spend the weekend and wanted to go 4-wheeling with us.  It was quite cold and windy so we didn’t head out till almost noon.  We packed a lunch, our face masks to diffuse the dust and dirt and off we went, heading up Pass Creek.  The nice thing about living where we do, we didn’t even need a trailer to haul our 4-wheelers to get to Pass Creek.  We just ride our wheelers in the bar-pit/barrow pit along side the main road.  We stopped off at the first picnic spot we came to and ate lunch.





After eating, we packed up and headed for Bear Creek.  It’s not a long drive but a beautiful one.







After posing for a few pictures, we headed up to Loristica.  This is a beautiful place, higher up, where they usually have girls camp.  Nice, beautiful place.





Four and a half hours later, we arrived back at my home.  You bet…if you want to make this girl happy, just give her a 4-wheeler, head in any direction, and start exploring!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Frozen Garden

Got up yesterday, looked out the window and thought….NO!  Not again!  If you look on the lawn, you can see that in the shaded area there is a thick covering of frost on the ground.


I went around back of our home to my husbands garden spot and my suspicions were immediately confirmed.  Once again, our garden took its toll, frost destroying all my husbands hard work.  FROZEN!  Agh-h-h-h-h… about frustrating.  Just a few nights before he had covered the entire garden with straw hoping to avoid this disaster.  It froze all the broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, corn, and beans.  So far, it looks like the peas, beets, spinach and lettuce might have survived.  My husband grows a huge garden and we’re talking a lot of frozen loss.  Sad.







Friday, June 14, 2013

When Old Friends Meet

Two of my favorite high school buds came up to visit me this past weekend.  It was just like old times………….like time had never passed.  We even sat up till 1am laughing till it hurt.  They arrived Sunday evening and the chatting began……….immediately.  Fun!  Monday, after eating breakfast, I took them on a small tour up to the reservoir, below the dam, around town, and then we headed up the mine hill.  Here are just a few pictures that explain our day:




As we headed up the mine hill, I called my husband first to make sure we were headed the right direction.  I said over the phone to him….ok, so all we do is turn left, left, left – right?  He confirmed that that was the way to go so off we went.  Well, we took the first left and almost immediately I recognized that we were on the wrong road.  The further we went, the rougher the road got and I told my friends that I was really breaking my new baby (2006 Ford Explorer – purchased in November) in on this trip.  One of them stated that that was what baby was for…….he was meant to be an off road vehicle and he was probably really happy.  We continued on until we were able to turn around and I took the next two photos at the turn around spot.



After finally getting on the right path…………………..





At one of the places we stopped at, we saw this little tunnel/cave.  It was a really hot day but I’ll tell you, the air coming out of this little tunnel was very cold.  Off to the left of this little tunnel was an old building so I set my camera on the hood of my vehicle, set the timer, ran into the building and got a picture of the three of us.  And yes, I did look funny running to the window to beat the 10 second timer on the camera.



Continuing on………….












That evening, my husband started a fire in his Stove Tec and we all just sat around and talked for quite awhile.  Tuesday, we got up late, had breakfast, then went to the second-hand store here in town and then headed to the cemetery.  One of my friends does quite a bit of genealogy so we actually spent a fair amount of time looking at head stones.  I can honestly say I have never had as much fun at a cemetery as I had that day.  We took pictures of different headstones and this little guy who was sitting along side the lane as we entered the cemetery.


After our cemetery visit, we headed home for lunch and then we were going to head off to the craters but time was late so we said our good-byes and they headed back to Utah.  What an enjoyable, fun weekend.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Our Anniversary – 33 Years

Today, I’ve been married to my eternal companion for thirty three years.  I’m not going to write a book about this and all our adventures because most of you who read this know who, what, and where we are in our lives.
Evan and Marshaabc
Look at the date below on our wedding announcements.  Yes indeed, we actually chose Friday the 13th for our wedding day.  And get this……the name of the person who performed our wedding ceremony was Seth L. BLOOD!  Next year, once again, our wedding anniversary will be on FRIDAY, the 13th……………..OOOH!  Good thing we’re not superstitious?!
And just like the rose, each petal that has unfolded in warmth, has brought us a beautiful, eternal family!
Just on a whim, I decided to call my husband at work and play the first part of this song that I found on Youtube.  Needless to say, it surprised him.  I had an old 8-track of this song and played it for him on our first anniversary.  Don't ya love surprises.....I do!