Wednesday, August 27, 2014

3 Bull Moose On Back Yard – Continued

Last evening, the bull moose returned.  What awesomeness to be that close to something so majestic!  Our presence does not bother them even the tiniest bit.  We stand on the porch, talk, open and shut door, and yet they act like we are not even there. But mind you, we never let down our guard.


Moose Eating Tree

There were three Moose, but one decided he needed to leave the party a bit early.

Moose Leaving Over Fence





Moose Eating From Tree

In the following pictures, you can hardly tell their antlers from the tree limbs.



After some time, we decided they needed to stay off the yard before they totally ruined everything.  The snapping of branches from the apple tree was a bit much.  In our efforts to get them to leave the yard, we knocked on the windows….didn’t work.  We moved our arms and talked to them….didn’t work.  As a last resort, my husband thought about our big, loud cowbell.  I stood on the porch and was banging the cowbell very loudly.  One moseyed off but the other one just ignored us.  Finally, after some time, he slowly walked away from us.  He was really scared, for sure.  We did learn one thing through this process, a moose can easily move you, but you definitely can not move a moose…..until they are ready to be moved.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

3 Bull Moose On Back Yard

I was sound asleep this morning around 6:30 when my husband came in and woke me up to informed me that we had three bull moose out the back door.  I weighed the odds……moose, sleep, moose, sleep, for……….lets say 1/2 a second before scrambling out of bed to get my camera.  Was it worth it – YES!  Look at the photos and footage I took.  I totally braved it and stood right out on the porch (with the door open, of course).  I called my friends husband, also a lover of photography and he came down to get some photos.  He was much braver than I was though……he went down the steps and off to the side to get photos (no protection).  CrAzY!




In this photo, this big guy was standing 24 feet (8 yards) from where I was standing on the porch and he was looking right at me.  Wowzers!


Moose on Yard.1

Moose on Yard.2

Moose on Yard.3

While we had moose in front of us, we had some small deer bucks to the right of us watching what was going on.  There were more but I was only able to get one in the picture (blurry…sorry) and video.


Curious Deer

Although not visible, there were actually three moose on the yard.  One was eating off the apple tree on the other side of the fence.  Somewhere after 7:30 am, one moose moved out to the corrals and then joined the others that had moved out to the hay field.  When we drove out to the hay field, we could see a cow moose in the mix.

Moose in Corral – Over the Fence





Moose Going Through Ditch & Hayfield

This next video is a little jumpy in spots because I was trying to get out from behind the open truck door and keep filming.

Moose Leaving Hay Field

Vehicle Crash By Our Home

I was standing at the kitchen sink yesterday when I looked out the dining room window and saw brake lights on cars and that they were moving very slowly down the road.  My first thought was…….I hope nobody hit a deer or a moose.  As I went to my living room window to see if I could see if anyone needed help, there was a group of bikers, an ambulance and a fire truck near our driveway.  You can barely see it, but the ambulance is behind the fire truck.  I had a sick feeling in my stomach because if a biker hit a deer or moose it could have serious consequences.  Not long after taking a few photos, the bikers all got on their bikes and headed out. 




What in the world was going on……….after the bikers left, a guy came, stopped along the side of the road, got out of his vehicle and was directing traffic with a stop/slow sign.  I decided to go out of the house and ask him if he knew what was going on.  He informed me that a person had gone off the other side of the road a short distance before our home and ended up on our side of the road just past our driveway.  I don’t know any details of how this person is doing or anything beyond that but here is how it looked after the ambulance had left.


Upon getting closer, I could see that the person had wiped out portions of our fence and the policeman took down information so the insurance company could pay for fence replacement.



This person was lucky that they had missed the electric pole or that could have brought on an entirely new set of problems.






I sure hope that everything is OK with whomever this person is.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Robin Bathing & Hairy/Downy Woodpecker

Last evening, my husband and I strolled about a mile around our property and I took my camera in case I saw something fun.  We saw a few deer but I’ve taken many, many, many pictures of the deer and they weren’t at a close distance.  It wasn’t until we reached our own driveway again that I got something to take pictures of.  A robin was taking a bath in a puddle in our driveway and a Hairy (Downy) Woodpecker was on a pole close to the puddle.  I’m not sure if the woodpecker was a hairy or a downy.  They both look almost exactly the same but according to measurements and beak size, I’m assuming this one was a Hairy Woodpecker…..or, maybe not - Ha.  Where I live, there’s always something to take pictures/videos of.

Robin Bath In Mudpuddle

Hairy/Downy Woodpecker On Pole

Hairy/Downy Woodpecker On Pole – Pt. 2

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Provo Tabernacle/Provo City Center Temple

While I was in Utah this last time, my sister, her husband, and I went to eat at Sizzler.  I haven’t been to Sizzler in some time and it really tasted good.  After leaving Sizzler, my sister and her husband went one way to their home and I went the other way to get back to where I was staying.  On my route, I went past the remodeling of the old Provo Tabernacle (my husband and I had our second date at the Old Tabernacle – Fireside) to see the changes being made to make it the New Provo City Center Temple.  The Provo Tabernacle was such a beautiful, older building before a major fire destroyed it.  I found the below (2 pictures) off of Google Images. 

provo_tabernacle.jpg hh Capture

But, as most of you know…..all was not lost and as I stated above, it is being restored as a temple.  It will be exciting to see it in all its restored glory!  From what I understand, it is being restored to resemble the old tabernacle.  Mind you, the following pictures were taken out of my vehicle as I was driving up to and past the building restoration.  And no, I did not take my eyes off the road.  I kept my eye on the road and just held my camera up and hoped for the best and took a few photos.  I did need to crop and adjust so you could get the best views that I got.  On my next visit to Utah, I will need to take the time, find a place to park, and get some better photos.



This is a picture of how the temple is supposed to look after all the restorations.


If you want to read and learn more about this beautiful, historical building, you can go to the FOLLOWING SITE.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Twin Fawns At Play

As I was fixing my lunch this afternoon, I looked out the window to see a doe and her two fawns on our back yard.  The two fawns were playing and chasing each other around the lawn.  Such an ahhhhhh moment so I had to share my ahhhhhh moment with you.  So CuTe!  If you look closely in the first video, somewhere between the seconds of 45 and 53, you can see a hummingbird land on a branch of the lower limbs and then fly away to the left.  






Thursday, August 21, 2014

Changing of the Clouds

All of these cloud pictures were taken within very few minutes of each other.  No matter which direction I looked, there were different cloud formations and colors.  All the side-by-side pictures were basically at the same spot only separated by a few minutes.  While taking other pictures, the area I took a picture of before changed, lots!  What other artist do you know of who can paint beautiful scenery this quick with such accuracy?…………………!

IMG_9213 IMG_9224

IMG_9214 IMG_9222

IMG_9216 IMG_9217

IMG_9218  IMG_9219



Rain/Hail/Tornado In Our Little Valley

The weather really got with the program yesterday afternoon.  The first thing that hit was heavy rains, thunder and wind.  Any other time, the rain would be more than welcome since we have been in a drought for quite some time.  But yesterday, rain was not a good thing.  My husband has a large field of hay cut, just waiting to dry enough for baling.  I guess it doesn’t look like that is going to happen in the near future which means the value drops drastically.
Shortly after the rains came hail.  It only last a short time but it was enough time to do some pretty good damage.  My husband has another large field of alfalfa that hadn’t been cut and the hail laid a lot of it down.  We were in trouble no matter what the weather did.  It played havoc with are personal garden, too.  Shredding corning stalk leaves, ripping holes in pea and bean leaves and even some of the peas and beans were damaged.  Our carrots, beets and potatoes were hit hard too but luckily they are a root vegetable so it didn’t damage them.  Our trees also shed a few leaves through the process.
IMG_9191 IMG_9193
IMG_9202 Capture.JPGff
IMG_9206 IMG_9208
IMG_9204 IMG_9205
During all this happening, there was a sighting of a tornado that briefly touched down. I personally did not see the tornado so I retrieved the following information from the internet.  The first one is from…, the second one from… and the third one was from…