Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March Horseshoe Tree

Easter came and went and I almost forgot to post about my horseshoe tree… Easter Horseshoe Tree.  I purchased my horseshoe tree in December and have decorated it for every month since then.  December was decorated in Christmas ornaments.


January…..well, January didn’t get decorated – Next year, for sure!

February was decorated in hearts and lips.


March was decorated 2 times….once for St. Patrick’s Day.


And, once for Easter.  I’ve really enjoyed decorating this tree.  It’s been fun trying to come up with something for each month/holiday.


Ok, now for April………….hmmmm.  My mind has drawn a blank trying to think of something fun for April.  I was hoping that Easter would have been in April but since that didn’t happen, I need to think of something else and by the date on the calendar, it’d better be quick!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Magpie Running Circles Around Cat

This was soooo funny!  I sat and watched this crazy magpie running circles around my cat, trying every now and again to snatch a piece of kitty food.  I watched for a good 3 minutes before finally deciding this magpie just wasn't going to give up so off I went to get my camera.  I love "Camera Time"!

It Looked To Be A Beautiful Day

As far as looks go, yesterday was a beautiful day for taking pictures from my front yard.  The temperature was around 48, but the wind was not good, making the 48 degree temps seem much colder.



Later in the afternoon, as I stood looking out my dining room window, the deer came in for their evening meal.



Yes indeed, it sure looked to be a beautiful day!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Beautiful Day…Going, Going, Gone

This morning, I was sitting at my dining room table, looking at the beginning of a beautiful day.  The views out my windows are totally awe moments.


But, as the day progressed, the clouds started rolling in. 


And within a few short hours, things starting looking pretty gloomy.  My beautiful day that looked so promising was going, going, GONE!


Saturday, March 19, 2016

Wild Turkey's In Anderson's Field

My friend that lives across the river from our home sent a text this morning letting me know that she had turkeys in her field.  By the time I got there, some of them had already left but there were enough still there that I was excited about getting some pictures and a video of them.  They were quite a ways off so I had to really zoom in and the picture quality isn't very good but I thought I would share any ways.  It's fun seeing the wild turkeys.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Righteous Women Have Changed the Course of History – Handout

The fourth Sunday teacher in our ward will be giving her March lesson titled: “A Plea To My Sisters”, a talk given by President Russell M. Nelson, President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, in the October 2015 General Conference session.
For her lesson, she found a quote given by Julie B. Beck, former Relief Society General President, and asked if I could use that quote and make handouts for her lesson.


What a beautiful quote.  Julie B. Beck….a very profound, spiritual woman!  If you go to Google Images and type in “Julie B. Beck quotes”, you will find many of her quotes.

Monday, March 14, 2016

SNOW….Not What I Was Expecting

In the wee hours of the morning, I could hear something pelting my bedroom window.  I could tell by the sound that the wind was blowing pretty hard, but I was not expecting to see this when I got up this morning.



IMG_2443I was outside sweeping off my porch at 6:45 a.m., but it was still too dark to take pictures. 
I just went out and measured the snow and we have 1-1/2”. 
Yep, Spring is on its way.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Rolling Fog and African Violet Plant

This morning was beautiful as my husband and I sat at our dining room table, eating banana nut bread French toast.  We watched outside as a mist of the low lying fog starting rolling into our valley.



While on the inside, sitting on our dining room table, my African Violet plant is in bloom.  I love this plant…..I’ve had it for approximately 10 + years and it continually blooms off and on throughout the year.  Its white petals, tipped in a maroonish pink color have a sparkle like glitter hue.  Ahhhhhhh Moment!





Friday, March 11, 2016

Looking For Spring in March Weather

Many are talking about SPRING and the excitement of it coming to their area.  For us, it has been snowing and raining for the past three days. 
I went out my front and back doors this morning, but I didn't see anything remotely close to looking like SPRING....... well, maybe there are some green areas of grass at the edges close to the snow out my front door.

And, the driveway would be fun if I were a puddle skipper.
But the back door view..................can we say MUD.  It is not fun trying to get into our home.
As soon as Spring comes and things dry out, we are planning on having gravel or something poured over our driveway and back door area.  Just another reason I am looking forward to SPRING! 
When I took the following video, I decided to put some happy music with it...........Spring, Spring, Spring.....the happy music shouts SPRING!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Determined Kitty

During this past summer, a mamma cat (which we didn’t know was a mamma cat at the time) just showed up at our home.  She was so wild that every time we opened the door, she would take off on a dead run.  Well, eventually, four little kittens showed up around the place and they were just as wild as the mamma.  I eventually tamed the mamma cat but the babies are playing hard-core and I’ve yet to pet one of the four kittens, but they are coming a lot closer when it’s feeding time.
Earlier this week as I was looking out our dining room window, I noticed one of the kittens crouched low with a very determined look on it’s face.
It is with that determined face that I watched this young kitten, very slowly, yet steadily, sneaking up on what I presumed to be a mouse. After snapping the above photo, I then switched my camera to video mode so I could catch the action………
And yes.......this is where, I ran out of disk space.  I ran to the other room to grab another disk, jammed it in my camera and headed back to the window.....just in time to see kitty running across the yard with a mouse.  I may have missed the action but I was so proud of the young kitten because that's one less mouse running around my yard.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

St. Patrick’s Day Horseshoe Tree

I looked everywhere, trying to find some St. Patrick’s Day ornaments to hang on my horseshoe tree.  Besides looking, looking, and looking some more on the internet, I also looked in a few different stores.  Nothing, I was coming up with NOTHING.
I finally decided to make my own ornaments.  While in the Dollar Tree store, I came across some green foam and St. Patrick’s Day stickers.  The wheels started turning and I thought, hey, why not make a clover out of the green foam and add some stickers to it.  I came home with foam and stickers in hand, then went to work.  I went to Google images to find the shape of a shamrock, cut and pasted it in my word program, printed it out, then cut it out to use as a pattern.  After I had cut out 6 shamrocks, I added some stickers and green ribbon for hangers and voila, DONE…..and all for under $3.



The ribbon on top is the same one I used for my Christmas horseshoe tree and it isn’t quite the color or style of ribbon I want… but, until I get out of town again to find the right kind of ribbon, this one will have to do. 
Since St. Patrick’s Day and Easter are in the same month, I plan on hanging the St. Patrick’s Day ornaments until March 17th and then I will swap it out and hang egg ornaments on the tree for Easter.