Thursday, January 28, 2016


Monday, I traveled to Challis with a friend to go see Dr. John (chiropractor).  I can tell when I need to make a visit to Dr. John when my body starts getting charley horses in my back and legs.  I try to make a visit at least once a year and he has never failed me yet.  Charly Horses………………GONE!
After we were through seeing Dr. John, we went to eat lunch at a little pizza place called “Antonio’s”.  The receptionist at Dr. John’s said it had been sold and was under new management and that the food was really good.  Yes indeed, the food was very good.  Both my friend and I had the salad bar and a cup of creamy cauliflower soup.  Everything is homemade, including the dressings at the salad bar.  Mmm, mmm – Next trip to Challis will be another stop at Antonio’s.
The  “A Dream Away Reality”, site has lots of photos inside and out if you want to see what Antonio’s looks like.
Our next adventure was to head to the “HUB”.  The Hub is a second-hand thrift store on main street.  The store was very clean and you can’t beat the prices.  We’re talking like…………very cheap.  While browsing the toy section, I came across an Elmo.  Now, if you’ve read one of my recent blogs, you will know that Elmo is my grandson’s idol at the moment.  Everything ELMO!  Elmo was a little scroungy, but for the price of .25 cents, a good bath, the spin cycle on the dryer and a hair blower, it was worth the chance of buying him.  Elmo is now all clean and fluffly and ready to be loved by my grandson.


Oh, and look how cute……..when you push his tummy, he opens his mouth.


Can’t you just hear him singing……La la – la la, la la – la la, Elmo’s world………………..

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snow Rainbow

Yesterday, we were coming home for the Arco area in the snow, and the roads were icy and slick.  We kept our speed between 40 and 50 mph. 


And………..this morning, we woke up to this.  What a beautiful morning.  Everything was so crisp and white and in the distance, there was some low lying fog.  Breath taking! There was even a faint rainbow on top of the snow.  It is more distinguishable if you look at the second picture towards the lower left-hand corner.  A rainbow on the snow is something I’ve never seen before.  I think sometimes Heavenly Father gives us AHHHHH moments, just to make our day.  I can just see Him thinking…..hmmmm….Marsha is looking out her dining room window….I think I will give her a snow rainbow!




Friday, January 22, 2016

Blue Heron on the River

I needed to deliver a key to a friend today whose home is on the same road I take to go to the mine hill bridge.  Before delivering the key, I decided to go see the contrast between the snow and the water.  It was nice and sunny and the scenery was beautiful.



As I was leaving, I thought I saw something on the rivers edge so I zoomed in on my camera and got this picture of a blue heron.  I kept whistling and talking and trying to get him to fly so I could get some video footage, but he was staying put……………..


Elmo Birthday Smiles

My birthday and my grandson’s birthday are one day apart.  Since my daughter’s husband had Martin Luther King day off of work, they decided to come to our home early and celebrate our birthdays  together. It was such a nice weekend…..always love it when my family comes to visit.
Since my soon to be, 2-year old grandson, is totally into Elmo, I decided to try and tackle an Elmo project.  I found a crochet pattern for Elmo on the internet and thought………….well, here goes nothing.  I didn’t have any red fuzzy wool yarn that the pattern called for and due to my living location, I didn’t have the means to purchase any.  I did, however, find some old yarn that had been my mothers, and it was the perfect red.  Not being a crocheter (I am learning from watching a lot of Youtubes) and with a lot of trial and error and many hours, Elmo came to be…….sorta!
Elmo is great for propping up a cell phone so my grandson can watch his favorite show…..Sesame Street, starring ELMO!

I was trying to get my grandson to smile for a picture while he was watching Elmo but I wasn’t having much luck.  I kept telling him to say “cheese”, in hopes of getting a smile, but in all actuallity, when he said “cheese”, his lips/mouth did not give a smile effect. 
Finally, I said “show grandma your teeth”…..and this is the reaction I got.  Too cute!

After many persistant, grandma attempts, I was finally able to get the perfect smile!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Elk Herd

While on the job today, my husband drove past this large herd of elk.  He called me to let me know where they were so I drove approximately five miles from our home to see them and to see if I could get some pictures.  Luckily, they were just in a field not too far off from the side of the road.  Just guesstimating, I'd say there were over a hundred head.  What a spectacular sight to see. 

Monday, January 11, 2016


Buuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrr - it was definitely cold here this was a (get this) NEGATIVE 19 degrees.  And right now, it is almost 10:30am and we are still at a negative 2 degrees.  Hey, hey..... things are warming up.  It is now just a little past 12:30pm and we are now at 7 degrees. 
On Saturday, I took the following photos of snowcicles before they came crashing down.  The snowcicle closest to the center of the bunch was huge.  I don't ever remember seeing icicles hanging from the snow. 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Loaf of Love

I made a loaf of bread yesterday and was slicing it using my vintage Presto Bread Slicing Guide (which I Love) that my mother gave me many years ago......................................
 When I was close to the middle of the loaf, I noticed a near perfect heart at the top of one slice. 
It's been nearly 12 years this coming May, that my mother passed away.  Finding that heart hidden in that slice of bread sure made me think of her.  I am so grateful for the knowledge I have that Families Can Be Together Forever!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Winter Magnificence

Last Tuesday, I went to do a little visiting teaching and while I was out and about, I took a little detour on the way home, just above town.  We’ve actually been getting a fair amount of snow this winter – YEAH!  We’ve been pretty much on the sparse side of snow the past few years and can really use the moisture.  As I was coming down the following road, it was another awe (God is wonderful) moment.  Even cold, winter days have their magnificence!