Saturday, February 4, 2017

Snow Serenity.....Or Not

As I got up and looked out our dining room window this morning, it looked so peaceful and serene. 
That thought was quickly deflated as I remembered hearing the snowplow scraping the road before the break of dawn.  I really did not want to look out our back door to see how much snow had fallen.  The back door is always my indicator of how much snow has fallen.  I keep a place cleared off so with each new snow fall, I can measure it.  Not too bad (4.5"), but bad enough that I knew I would be pushing the snow shovel.
Then of course, we have the front door where each snowfall gets piled up as it slides off the roof.
Whew, shortly after....well not shortly....let's just say a while later...back yard/front yard....DONE!
Well, I thought it was done.....After taking the above pictures and going in the house,  I heard the old familiar rumble, rumble, rumble sound that is not a happy sound to hear.  I looked out the front door, only to see what I had just scooped had more snow waiting for me.  It doesn't look like much but the snow that tumbles from the roof get compacted really quickly and is heavy to move.  I scoop it out in layers.
This next picture really made my day.  Never before have I seen a fly out walking around in the snow.  I'm sure he was just scouting the area looking for some little spot that he could use to sneak into our home.
The rest of these pictures were just some that I took while outside and decided I might as well post them, too.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Santa Claus In Every Peanut

Peanuts.....I LOVE PEANUTS.  As I was sitting here at my computer eating the last of the peanuts in my can...and then eating all the tiny bits from the bottom of the can, I realized I had just eaten Santa heads.  A childhood memory came back to me that I hadn't thought about in a long time.  I've emptied plenty of peanut cans and never before, until today, did I realize it was Santa that I was picking off the bottom.  I wanted to post about peanuts having a Santa Claus, but I'd already eaten them all before thinking about it. Ok, easy enough.....I opened up another can and emptied out all the peanuts so I could get a picture of all the Santa's in the bottom.  I know.....there are just some things that can't be explained.
I remember Christmas morning and the excitement of getting an orange and unshelled peanuts in my stocking and of my mom and dad telling me that there was a Santa Claus in every peanut.  It was fun cracking the shells, digging out the peanuts and then opening them up to find Santa inside. Yep, mom and dad were right.....there was a Santa Claus with his long beard inside every one of those peanuts.  

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Challenge Corners

The bulletin board on the left-hand side of the chalkboard in our Relief Society room was turning into a modge podge of colors.  I purchased some large-sized card stock so I could swap out what was already there and make it a bit more uniform looking.  We have a few pieces of colored cardstock on the board that we pin upcoming birthdays on for the month and also our monthly lesson schedule.  Even though we change the lesson and birthdays every month, the cardstock stays the same.  The cardstock has been stuck so many times with pushpins that they actually have holes, approximately the size of pencil erasers, punched right out. 
I got to wondering if I adhered the old style photo corners to each piece of cardstock then all we would need to do each month is slip in the new papers instead of fastening them with stick pins.
I called quite a few ladies to see if they had any corners but not a single person had any.  I think corners are kind of an old school thing that no one really uses any more.  One of my friends said, "Marsha, make some....I know you can do'll think of something".  Before deciding to make them, I turned to E-Bay and of course they had some but the ratings on self-mounting corners were not very good and I was afraid they would not stick permanently when trying to change out the lesson and birthday papers.  At first I tired folding packaging tape into a triangle but then couldn't figure out how to make it work.  Then I thought, why couldn't I just use some laminating pockets, cuts out some triangles and seal the edges with an iron.  Bingo, I was on to something.
First I put the corners on a piece of paper, placed it where I wanted it to be then adhered my corners to the cardstock using Super Strength Mini Glue Dots.  They don't call them super strength for nothing....If you place these in the wrong spot, it takes an act of congress to remove.......just saying.
What I hadn't thought of was how difficult it was going to be to open up the corners to get the papers to slip in.  Think, think, think.......that's it.....I made some strips of cardstock that I slipped inside each corner and adhered them also using the mini glue dots.
It worked fantastic and made it really easy to slip a piece of paper into the corners.
I need to thank my friend for putting me up to the challenge of making my own corners.  I don't think I would have thought to make them if she hadn't suggested it.  Challenge.....yep, that did it....even though I stayed up till 11:30pm getting it all figured out.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Clogged Utility/Bathroom Sink Drains

Well, I sure wasn't expecting this!.................
Last week our bathroom sink was not draining very well so I got our sink plunger and plunged it really good then I dumped baking soda and vinegar down the drain.  I let that sit for quite some time then I ran really hot water down the drain.  After doing that it seemed to be running pretty good, but still not great.
This morning I noticed that our utility sink was draining very slowly so once again, I got out our sink plunger and started plunging.  I heard a weird noise in the bathroom and the mess you see above is what I walked in on.  Evidently our bathroom sink and our utility sink share the same drain and when I was plunging the utility sink it made the bathroom sink explode.  The mucky mess also got on the walls, floor, and rugs.  I hurried and cleaned up the mess because I had to drive to Arco and pick up my prescription glasses....thinking I would start back on the sinks when I returned home.  I didn't want to leave the house with all that mess.
Upon returning home, I started plunging away at the utility sink, but not before placing some paper towels over the drain in the bathroom sink......I sure wasn't going to make a big mess like I did earlier.  I could hear noises coming from the bathroom again but continued plunging the utility sink.  Finally the utility sink was draining really well so I went to see what damage there was in the bathroom.  To my surprise, the paper towels stayed over the drain and caught all the gunk.  When I removed the paper towels, I saw a piece of something that looked like black plastic sticking out of the drain.  I pulled on it and was shocked to see what looked like part of a rubber gasket.  No wonder our sinks had been draining slow.
Wow, your guess is as good as mine as to how in the world that got in our drain.  But, it is nice to have free running drains, once again!