Thursday, September 29, 2016

Snake Pit Traffic and See How They Run

On September 6th, I drove to Utah…………aghhhhhh……would you just look at the traffic!  The white car on the right, with the vertical black stripe…well, the license plate reads: VNMOUS.  I’m thinking that it translates into VENOMOUS!  That’s about how I feel when driving through Utah traffic…like a venomous snake pit…just slowly making my way through without getting bit (Sorry to all my Utah family and friends for being so negative but…..).  The traffic at this point was at a total stand-still so I hurried and grabbed my camera and took this photo.


Actually, due to a truck dumping hay along the freeway, there were many stand-stills, not going more the 5 mph at any given time.  Most of the hay had been loaded onto a big trailer by the time I got to it, but it took me over 30 minutes to go from 33rd down to 72nd.


The next evening after arriving in Utah, my daughter and I went to the Hale Theatre in Orem to watch “See How They Run”.  We’re talking HILARIOUS, from start to finish.  I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed laughing so much.  The actors/actresses were fabulous. The following photo is one I used from their website and the next three are pictures I took, showing the stage set-up.





We were sitting on the third row up with a perfect view of the entire play.  Perfect evening………………

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Over 100,000 Viewers

Who would have ever thought.  What started out as a “Mom, you need to keep a journal” turned into over 100,000 views.  My daughter told me to do a blog and set it up for me back in May of 2011 as a form of a journal.  She knew I didn’t do a journal and that I loved photography and thus my blog….Keeping Focused Through Life and Lens, was born.  I never guessed in my wildest dreams that I would ever get over 100,000 views on it and lately, I seem to be getting lots of views each day.  This has been a fun journey looking at each day just to see where all the visitors are from.  The count seems to start over each day, somewhere between 5pm and 6pm.  This is a screen shot of my fact page as of today, September 28, 2016, at 7:51 p.m.  Yesterday alone, I had 130 viewers.

Blog Views

This is a screen shot of where all the viewers came from….


I hope to be able to keep doing this for many years to come.  I really do enjoy it.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September Horseshoe Tree/Entryway

Since September is basically over, I thought I’d hurry and post about the decorations I used for my monthly horseshoe tree.  I didn’t really have anything for August so I didn’t post, and September decorations were really late in coming.  When I went to Utah a few weeks ago, I finally found something I liked.  I went to Gordmans, a store in Utah, where I found the cutest acorns.  All I needed to do was put some type of hanger on them so they would hang on my tree.  The gold ribbon doesn’t match too well but for this year, it is what it is.


For the top of the horseshoe tree, I found this beautiful, burnt orange colored ribbon…..also from Gordman’s.  One side of it is a burnt orange color and the other side is dark brown.  I love the style of it where it isn’t an all solid ribbon and the colors will work for any of the Fall/Autumn holidays.


They don’t show too well, but the pinecones laying on the desktop are tipped in a burnt orange colored glitter, blending it together with the color of ribbon and the trim on the acorns. 


I purchased the Fall leaf goblets at Ross Dress For Less.  Another store where I can usually find cute decorations.


It was a rush, rush job but I think it all came together nicely.  I’m not what you would call a decorator, but I do have fun looking for items to decorate this little corner of my world.


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Freezing Beans and Corn

I’m running a little, well, more than a little late on posting a blog about freezing our beans and corn.  I actually did the beans on August 31st, 2016 and the corn on September 5th.  Our garden gave us much to be thankful for……………….
My husband picked two large bunches of beans for us and then we started giving them away.  We got enough beans to last us the entire year.  The following photos were just from the first picking.



After washing and snapping, they go into a boiling water bath (blanching) for 3 minutes (depending on your altitude).


After blanching, I quickly pour them into a large strainer………


Then right into cold water to stop the cooking process.  The water is supposed to be ice water but our water is pretty cold here and they get two dunkings in the cold water…..


Once again, they get a good straining.


Then they’re off to freezer bags and that’s where they sit, just waiting to to enhance our meals. 


We picked our corn a little early because the night before we did corn, their was a huge raccoon on our back porch.  Yep, time to pick the corn.
We did the corn a little differently this year.  We boiled the corn in their husks, stripped them of the husk and silk, put them in cold water and then cut the kernels off the cob.  With cooking the entire corn first, it made it easier to husk and remove the silk.  Cutting off the kernels goes fast and easy when you place the wide end of the corn on the top of a bundt pan then cut off the kernels, letting them fall in the bundt pan.  Then all that’s left to do is bag and freeze. 
Right or wrong, that is how we did it this year.  I guess only time will tell…………..I’m thinking, it’s going to taste great.