Wednesday, October 31, 2012

School Zombie

About a week, or so ago, this zombie character (minus the human body inside) has been resting it’s weary body in different locations around our school.  He's been in the gym, lunch room, and foyer just sitting, reading, etc. Each day, he posed doing something different.  He actually became part of the school with little attention being paid to him.
Until today……………HE CAME ALIVE!  The children thoroughly enjoyed this.  What a fun way to start Halloween off for the children.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kenmore Stackable Washer and Dryer

Can I say how much I love my Kenmore stackable washer and dryer.  I got this set when my oldest daughter, who is now thirty, was pretty young.  Add up the math folks…..this makes my stackable around 20 - 25 years old.  In all that time, we’ve only had a repairman come to our home one time and that was to fix a belt.  I know, I’m jinxing myself by blogging about my wonderful Kenmore.
The lint trap is right on the inside of the door.  Now how easy is that for cleaning out the lint………….VERY!
And for it’s age, it even has a computerized control panel…LOVE IT!
Well, around 5-6 weeks ago, my little stackable was making a super loud popping noise that actually shook the dryer a bit every time the drum turned.  As a result, I’ve been using the washing machine part and then hanging my clothes outside since the weather has been so warm.  I actually like hanging out clothes.  I called a repair shop in Idaho Falls (90 miles away from our home) to get an estimate on how much they would charge to fix the machine and this is what I was quoted: $250 just for the trip out…..$79 evaluation… part costs and wages.  He said it would run around $300 – $400.  Ouch!  I was looking at the inside of the drum the other day and noticed a screw that was hanging loose in the back of the drum.  One screw was almost out and another one was really loose.
My husband went right to work tightening the screws and now it works like a charm, again.  Whew, am I ever glad I didn’t have the repairman come out and pay that kind of money just to be told we had a couple of screws loose.  For that, I think I would have needed a psychiatrist. – Ha!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Video Still Shots

It was either last night or the night before that I was playing around on my computer and figured out how to get still shot pictures off of my videos, using the snipping tool.  It took me quite awhile to figure this out but I’ve actually been having fun doing it.  I have to keep freezing and freezing the video to get it at a spot where I want my still to be captured from.  I don’t always get the shot I want but I guess that will come with time and practice.  Here are some of the pictures I captured.  It will be fun playing around with this technique to see how I can perfect the method of capturing the still shots I want.






Sunday, October 14, 2012

What a Wonderful World

Today, after church, I went out taking pictures and once again, I had a song run through my head…………”What a Wonderful World”.  When I tried to think who sang it, the only version I could come up with was the Kermit voice, found here.

I was gone for 2 1/2 hours and took 146 pictures.  I only loaded 13 of them on this blog but I sure wanted to load them all.  It was a beautiful day, for sure.  Yessiree, it definitely is a Wonderful World.














Friday, October 12, 2012

The Best Part of Waking Up

I got up this morning, went to my dining room window, looked outside and thought WOW.  It was a bit brisk but I decided to go outside and take a few pictures.  As I was taking pictures, I thought of this little jingle, FOUND HERE.
Now, I beg to differ on this matter.  What could be better than getting up on a cool, brisk morning and seeing this.  My point is, that I find God’s creations as being the best part of waking up…………..NOT Folgers!  Sorry Folgers.



Miniature Donkey

OMGoodness…..isn’t this just about the cutest little thing.  This miniature donkey was brought to the school this week for show-n-tell.  Each child got to pet the donkey… about excitement.  And of course, being the animal lover that I am, I even took my turn to pet the little one.



Friday, October 5, 2012

Just Hanging Around

Just a few pictures of some pretty fall leaves hanging around out my front door.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mine Hill Bridge...Louis Rukavina Access

A friend commented on my blog about going to the Mine Hill Bridge, going to the Louis Rukavina Access starting point and from there, following the trail on down to the river.  I had never followed that trail so later this afternoon I decided to head to the bridge and take the trail to see what it was like.  It had some pretty picture spots but I was actually spooked to be down there by myself.  It’s a skinny trail with lots of under and over brush.  A squirrel took off in front of me that bout scared the hebie-jebie’s out of me.  I scare easily anyways and that little feller didn’t help much.  I surprised myself by continuing on and following the trail….anything for a picture, right?  It was worth the walk/scare and here’s my photo shots as proof. 














Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Same-o, Same-o, Yet Different

Yesterday afternoon, I took one of my favorite rides up to the Mine Hill Bridge and the surrounding area to take some photos.  Even though I go there frequently to take my pictures, the scenery is always different.  Same-o, same-o….yet always different, if that makes any sense.  I guess it’s like they always say… is in the eyes of the beholder.