Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Visiting Teaching August Quote Poster

I came across this idea from another blog about creating a visiting teaching, quote poster, and hanging it up in the Relief Society room each month.  I loved the idea and I have been doing this now for approximately 5 months.  I enjoy having a reminder of the visiting teaching message hanging in view during the entire month.  The following photo is what I created for the month of August.  I love this quote by Sister Linda K. Burton.  Not only for our families and friends, but how often are kind words spoken to those we meet along the way?!…….Great Reminder!

R.S. Poster

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Young Robin Sprinkler Bird Bath

Yesterday (July 25, 2016) as I was looking out our kitchen window, I saw a young robin, using the sprinklers as a bird bath.  It was so cute watching him duck in the grass as if he/she was actually taking a dip in a bird bath.  I love animals, of all kinds and I feel so fortunate to live in such an area that I have the opportunity to see so many of God's living creations.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Garden in July

The following pictures were taken of our garden on the 18th of July.  My husband has such a green thumb.  Considering where we live, his garden does fabulous.  Due to a shorter growing season, we take our chances on planting corn and tomatoes, but each year, the Lord blesses us and we get our crop.






My husband thought it would be nice to plant flowers around the garden this year.  So, flowers it was……..and they look so nice.




Saturday, July 23, 2016

July Horseshoe Tree

Wow, summer hits and things get a bit busy around here.  As a matter of fact, I didn’t even change my horseshoe tree for the month of June.  For July, I had everything, but didn’t even get it changed until the 2nd……almost missing the 4th.  But, I did get it changed out from the month of May……………….yeah, better late, than never.


Oh dear, it’s almost August and I haven’t even thought about what to put on my horseshoe tree.  Maybe something to do with school, or…………………………..?  Or, maybe………………………?  My mind is at a total blank for August………….Hmmmmmm.

Friday, July 22, 2016

4th Of July Adventures

My daughter, her husband, and our grandson came to our home over the 4th of July weekend.  I can absolutely say, without a doubt, that it was an action-packed, full of adventure time for all.  It all started on Saturday afternoon, July 2nd.  Each year, our small town has a day at the park with lots of food, games, and fun.  One of the big events is the live fish pond.  The smaller children get in the fish pond and get a little rubber ducky, then turn it in for a bag of two small fish, with food.  My little grandson is the little boy in the blue shirt with blue pants and a white stripe on the side.

The older children get in, what we call, the live fish pond.  Just look at the fun all the children are having as they scramble around, trying to catch their own live fish.

On Sunday, July 3rd, it was a pretty mellow day.  It was our usual go to church, come home and have family dinner, day.  That evening, we headed up to the reservoir to watch fireworks.  The fireworks are usually shot off at the dam but due to higher winds, they were shot off at the docking area. 

The following day, 4th of July, we headed to Arco, Idaho to go see a parade.  Grayson was hesitant at first about going and getting all the candy that was thrown in his direction, but it didn't take him long to catch on...............he made a HAUL!  It also helped, that there were very few children in the area we were sitting.  After the parade, we went to the park.  They had games for the children and free hotdogs with salad, chips and a bottle of water.

On the 5th of July, we headed up the road to the river to go panning for gold.  We went to the Sportsman's Access, knowing we wouldn't really find anything but it's still fun to do.  We actually found a tiny flake, or two, but the most fun was had by our little boy, playing in the River.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Canned Cherries and Apricots

I’ve been canning cherries and apricots the past few days.  In total, I ended up with 37 quarts of cherries, 7 quarts of apricots, and 7 pints of apricots.  While in the process of canning, my back and feet say, “you know Marsha, this really isn’t for you!”  But then, after all is said and done and I look at what I have accomplished, I know it’s a good thing for me and my family…………………