Saturday, April 15, 2017

Easter Eve Morning Moon

Easter Eve......I guess that is what you would call it.....the day before Easter.  But whatever the day is called, it is pretty cold outside, 21 degrees at 7:20am.  As I stood out on the back porch of our home watching my husband starting up the tractor to go out and fertilize the fields, I noticed the moon peeking through the branches of our crab apple tree.  So pretty.
On Wednesday night as I was turning off the lights to go to bed, I noticed a little glow in the dining room.  When I looked out the window, the moon was so big and bright.
It would be nice to have a camera where I could get some great moon photos.  Although I like seeing the moon and it's not often that I see a moon that is spectacular, I guess I can live without the expensive camera, right?!
According to three weather reports, today is supposed to warm up to at least 36 degrees by noon.  Noon is the magical time on this is the time when my little grandson will be here hunting eggs at our local tourist park.  He turned three in January so I think he will really have fun hunting eggs this year.  Hunting eggs in our little town is the greatest.....there is no shortage of eggs.....each child walks away with a basket full.  F.U.N. for the kids, parents, and GRANDPARENTS.


Deb said...

Beautiful pictures of the moon. We are going to be about 90 degrees here in AZ today, so enjoy those cool temps. They actually sound nice to me. Easter and egg hunts with little ones are so fun. Four of our grandkids will be here tomorrow (with their parents - our oldest daughter her husband). We are looking forward to that. It will be a quick visit, but we are hoping there is time for an egg hunt.
Happy Easter to you and your family!

LeAnn said...

These are lovely photos of the Moon. It does sound cold there; I hope it warms up soon. They are predicting snow here next week. Oh, how I want spring to finally come.
Have a wonderful Easter Sabbath day dear friend. Sending loving thoughts your way!
Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Good pictures. No you can't live without the bigger camera you better go get you one ha ha just kidding...Max