Saturday, March 18, 2017

Spring Snow?

On March 1st, I took a drive around the valley just to get some snow scenery pictures.  It was an absolute beautiful drive.
As I got back into town, I saw this.....and I chuckled.  And yes, that is Christmas decorations they are taking off the light poles and putting in the back of a truck.
As of yesterday, March 17th, I walked around our home and took more pictures.  The snow has melted a lot in two weeks time but we still have a ways to go.  And yes....ha, ha...our outdoor Christmas lights will come off the house as soon as the snow melts and I can get to them.  I'm thinking possibly July.
But then again, the official start of Spring is this coming Monday.  Who knows.....a lot can happen in two days.


Anonymous said...

Pretty pictures but I am sure glad our white stuff is finally gone. It has been pretty but I am glad I am not shoveling any more....Max

Deb said...

Beautiful pictures. I do miss the snow sometimes. It is too hot here already. Looking forward to moving back north. Have a good week.

LeAnn said...

I loved all of the winter snow photos that you took. They are lovely. I am happy for winter to go but I enjoy looking at the snow. You did get a lot. We once lived in Richmond, Utah and we often had snow in June. I am looking forward to seeing more green. Thanks for sharing these aesome shots! Hugs~

Anonymous said...

Hi Marsha!

The pictures are gorgeous!! I'm shocked at how much snow you guys still have! I love how the snow has drifted in the photos, just gorgeous!! I need to come there for a day trip! If it's any consolation, there are still lots of people here who turn on their Christmas lights at night, and that's ok, I love seeing them! I'm not sure I can even find any snow in my yard today. . . I shouldn't be able to find any since it's the first day of spring!

Have a great week!