Friday, June 16, 2017

Diamond Dust Handprints

If you look really, really close, you can see what has been on the corner of our television screen since Easter.  It's something I just can't get myself to clean off.
Hmmmm, Ok, using Picasa 3, let me lighten the photo up a bit and you can see what is on my screen that I don't want to clean off.
It's still a bit hard to see, so after lightening it up a bit, I will crop the photo to give you a better view.  Can you see it now?
Yes indeed, those are the handprint smudges of my little, 3-year old grandson.  They in no way affect the picture quality while we are viewing any television programs so I have opted to just clean around these precious, little memories.
It is beyond me what he had on his hands that day but to me, it must have been diamond dust....precious, sticky diamond dust!
I don't know when, or if I will ever get the heart to clean them off.  I don't normally see them every day because they are actually very faint and you hardly notice them unless you are looking for them and when the television is on, you can't see them at all.  It just depends on where you are sitting and the angle you are at for you to notice them.  So for now, when cleaning my television screen, this little corner will just be skipped.
It reminds me of a blog I posted back in 2013, talking about little fingerprints, except in this case, instead of mom, I substituted the word grandma.  Sure love my little grandson!


Anonymous said...

What's not to love he is a cutie...Max

Barb said...

Hi Marsha~, how could you possibly wash that adorable hand print off?! Those babies are so precious, you just want to soak in every minute with them, even if they aren't there.

My daughter's Husbands, great-grandmother told them that when one of her children passed away at 3 years, she didn't have the heart to wash his little hand print off the door. She varnished it and carefully washed around it until she moved from the home, some 50 years later....the house is still there, I wonder if the hand print is still there.

Too precious.


LeAnn said...

Oh, this is a precious post. Those sweet little hand prints are priceless. I think as a Grandma we appreciate something like this more than when we were mothers. I think the term diamond dust is a great name for it. Blessings and hugs~