Thursday, June 14, 2018

Bird Eggs....Everywhere

My friend told me a few weeks ago about a bird that built a nest under the hood of their truck.  She found the eggs because she had noticed a bird that kept flying out from under the truck.  When she  opened truck hood, this is what she saw....4 eggs nestled down inside.
The bird eggs actually traveled around to different locations.  Eventually, they hatched and when my friend looked under the hood, she saw the little baby birdies with their mouths open.  Later when she checked, sad to say, the little babies were all dead and she had to clean them out.
I made a visit to that same friends home approximately one week ago, where she showed me another nest filled with eggs that a bird had built inside their outdoor BBQ grill. When we opened the grill, a tiny bird flew out. I took a picture of the nest and all the little eggs were nestled deeply among twigs and feathers.
My friend removed some of the feathers which made it possible to get a better photo.
After taking pictures, we put feathers back around the eggs and left them.  We had no idea what kind of eggs were in the BBQ so after returning home I decided to get on the internet to search out the eggs.  I knew it was a small bird and with the pictures, I knew the size and color of the eggs.  Upon searching it out, I believe that the eggs belong to a House Wren.
I was talking on the phone with my friend today and she said the eggs are still there, which puts her in a bit of a dilemma.  Next week she has a large group of people coming to her home and they are going to have a BBQ.  Another neighbor and myself offered our BBQs for her company so I guess we'll just have to see what happens. 
What's up with these birds using vehicles and BBQs for places to build their nest.....isn't that what trees are for?!  Silly birds! 


Anonymous said...

Yeah birds put your nests where they belong. If your friend drives her truck she is lucky it didn't cause a fire. It made for good pictures though.

LeAnn said...

Yes, very silly birds! I am amazed that they would nest in a car and BBQ grill. I loved the photos and the story except for the ones that died.
I love that you found out what kind of bird it is. I do hope your friend can protect the eggs.
Loving thoughts being sent your way to you and your friends!

Barb said...

Hi Marsha!

Poor little birds...I can see why they try to find a cozy spot, with all this wind we've been having...and storm your way! I love those cute little House Wrens, they made lots of nests in our big pine trees. But, I just hate when I find eggs, or worse yet, baby birds after a bad wind storm.

Hugs and Love,