Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Wildlife Lawn Ornaments (Moose and Deer)

If it's one thing I never get tired of, whether it's stepping out our back door or driving around our little town, is looking at moose and deer lawn ornaments.  I say lawn ornaments because at any given time you see wildlife on peoples yards.
This little moose was out our back door in October 2018.  I actually took quite a few pictures of him as he stood there posing for me.
These deer were also on our yard in October.  But then again, we have deer on our yard frequently.
All the following pictures were taken around town anywhere between October 2018 and January 2019.
I know I've said this before, and before, and before, but it's true.....I live in a beautiful place.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Snow....Dingy Works of Art

I posted a picture on Instagram and decided to write it up on a blog, too.  I went for a ride on March 5th and was amazed at how once beautiful piles of white snow had melted into dingy works of art!  This beautiful art was down every road I took.  Our little town really got plastered with snow this year and the piles of snow alongside the roads were huge.  But as it melted, oh the art....totally amazing.
As I was driving down one of the main roads, I saw at least 50 head of deer in a driveway.  I stopped in the middle of the road (in a small town such as ours, this is legal (I guess it's legal....everyone does it) and everyone just eventually goes around you) to take a picture.  As there were 3 cars stopped behind me, I hurriedly took a picture and moved on.  Didn't get a great shot of all the deer so after going to the grocery store I backtracked to get another picture, but the deer were all gone.
When I got to the grocery store, this is what I had to wade through after getting out of my car.
Hopefully, that time of the year has now passed, not to return!  I like snow but we had a bit much, this year.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Magpie Snow Angels

Earlier this winter, say...............we're talking the first part of January, I threw some bits and pieces of bread crumbs out in the snow.  I was surprised at what happened next.  It wasn't long after tossing the bread out the door, that magpies were flying in to get their easy feast.  After they left, I went outside to take pictures of the prints they had left in the snow.  I have some photos that were taken in the early evening and some that were taken the next day in the sun. 
These pictures took me back to the day when I would lie in the snow, wave my feet and arms and make snow angels. 
Well, we didn't make snow angels that day, but the magpies sure made some pretty angels of their own.

Eggnog + Ginger Ale = Mmmmmmm

Ok, this is a bit weird to be writing a post about eggnog at this time of the year but as I was walking through the grocery store the other day, I really had the craving for a good glass of eggnog mixed with a bit of ginger ale.
If you have never tried this mixture, come late fall, you need to get these two ingredients and mix them.  You don't quite mix it half and half (use more eggnog than ginger ale) but mix to your liking.  To me, it's a mouth explosion of great flavor.  Love this stuff.....can you tell!
I wished they sold eggnog all year long.  But in all reality, my hips and other parts are grateful that they don't.
And oh, if you get eggnog, don't get the lower end eggnog.........the flavor isn't that good when mixed.  I personally prefer Southern Comfort, or Hood eggnog.  At least, those are the two brands that I can get in our area that taste good.
Save this blog post cause I'm sure you won't regret it come this fall.